What's Crus Yacht


The modern designed hull guarantees great stability and stirring performances, the bulb and the unsinkable volume represent a precious reserve of safety.

The semplicity of the cat-boat rigging confers a remarkable facility of use and the retractable centerboard allows to reach the shore or sailing in shallow waters.

The innovative conception of the “cabriolet” deck, offers a solution to both the external and internal habitability without any compromises. When the sprayhood is lowered, the deck area is totally enjoyable as a sundeck.

Opening the sundeck and raising the sprayhood, a very spacious and livable interior is created.
The boat remains unsinkable and selfdrainable also when the sundeck is opened.

There is a big selfdraining after peak that can host the outboard and the petrol tank in addition to a little fresh water shower.

Technical data