What's Crus Yacht


The smallest luxury yacht



A modern design, with stiff performance enhancing lines and lots of stability, the Truc 12 just wants to start planing as soon as it gets off the wind.Delivered with Harken high performance fittings, all control lines are within the helmsman's reach.With the Sport Wing rig up, it's a high performance single hander, or there's lots of room to go two up, allowing you to share the Truc 12's great performance with absolute ease.                        


Ideal as a day-boat, it can be lifted  by a child and an adult, easily transported on the roof of a  mid-sized car, and is perfect as a tender for a larger yacht. Its lightweight three piece carbon fibre rig can be assembled in minutes, and different sized sails fitted using a unique variable extension.


From the flush teak decks to the seating crafted in mahogany,the high standard of finish make this boat unique, combining traditional boatbuilding techniques with modern performance in a very stylish package.The hull is built in GRP, sturdy , long lasting and guaranteeing easy maintenance and repair. The decking acts as extra buoyancy, and is finished in teak. The varnished mahogany seats complete a very stylish package.

Watch our video footage: The Truc 12's clean lines simply make it the most beautiful dinghy on the market today.   Video!