What's Crus Yacht


The smallest luxury yacht


Three different sail plans

Sport Wing 7.8m

The biggest sail available,made to acheive the best from your Truc 12,it's perfect for whose that want to surf every wave in every weather scenario even when the wind is not very strong. Enhances the speed and performances of your Truc12. Built in PENTEX with fullbatten design, it will get you on the plane quicker!  

Cool Wing 6.8m

This sail covers a wide range of wind strengths and will satisfies most sailors' abilities and requirements-  Clear Pentex with full length battens allows exceptional performances and a remarkable ease of use,even in strong winds.

Soft Wing 5.8

Conceived for lighter or less experienced sailors, it is the ideal sail to achieve a great feeling and consistent surfing when the wind picks up. The modern cut and the low position of the centre of effort guarantee an exceptional relation between efficiency and simplicity of use. Built in Pentex it is fully battened and radially reinforced.

Download mast and sail PDF (341Kb) masts and sails

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